I heard you recently at CBST as the cantor. I thought you were fantastic. The program stated that you had recorded music. I am interested in buying your CD. Where can I purchase this?


Dear Magda,
What a terrific performance you gave at Beth Sholom for the Curtis Hereld Memorial Concert. You are a lady with many talents. Your singing voice was lovely and your trumpet playing really brought the house down. Wow! I am so pleased that you and Shira were part of this special occasion. I grealty enjoyed every note.

Joan Gillman


Dear Magda,

For the longest time I believed in angels. I also believed that people only heard an angels voice when they were in dire straits or on their death bed. I checked out your website because I found out you would be performing at my temple, Oceanside Jewish Center on December 20th. I listened to your mp3 files and guess what? I heard an angel. You have an amazing voice. Within that voice one can hear a purity of soul and spirit. These things are not often heard in singers but you Magda have an incredible gift. I thank you for your music and can't wait to hear and meet you.

Yours in spirit,
Dr. Steven Goldstein

I hope you will have CD's for purchase. :-)


I loved the Friday evening service in Youngstown. Sorry that I missed Saturday morning. Love your web site. Listening to "She just wants to Know" now. Great lyrics. Thank you for such wonderful music. See you in September.


I was planning on coming to the show at Temple Beth El Ner Tamid in Mequon, Wisconsin. I just heard your voice for the first time tonite and now I am really excited about hearing you and the other people perform. You have a beautiful voice.


Wishing you the best of the best in everything that you do.



I work at the JCC in Baltimore Md. and would love to talk to you.
Please call me at 410 356-5200 ext. 324